Community Service

The American Nicaraguan School has a long tradition of participating in community service work for the benefit of community members who are less fortunate and/or who lack opportunity. The ANS Mission speaks to developing ethical individuals who will make meaningful contributions to society. To that end, ANS encourages community service work and recognizes both organizations and individual students for their efforts to raise awareness, collect funds, and follow through on projects designed to improve the quality of life for specific segments of our community.

At the Elementary level the community service efforts are conducted via the Student Council. Currently the Elementary STUCO is coordinating activities to benefit a disadvantaged school named “Los Ladinos”. This sister school has received several visits by our students and STUCO sponsors. The needs of the school and the students have been identified and efforts are underway to provide instructional materials, school supplies, sports equipment, clothing, etc. While the student council is in charge of spearheading the community service efforts, the elementary student body actively participates in the initiatives.

To promote the importance of community service and how a donation of goods, talents and time has been only one small step in helping someone in need. Our goal is to turn all the efforts in the community service area into educational opportunities for our students to help them realize  the important of giving back to the community. 

While ANS is proud of the accomplishments made in recent years to involve Elementary students in community service work and achieve a school-wide commitment to community service, we all realize that more work can be done to promote and educate our youngest students about, what should be, a life-long commitment to community service and volunteerism.