Weekly Round-up

K4           Students in the K4 classes are learning about Cause and Effect this week. The children are now able to understand how certain actions can bring about consequences. Following this theme, the students have learned about fire safety on a recent visit with Mr. Jaime Delgado, the Head of the Nicaraguan Fire Department. Mr. Delgado arranged for an ambulance and fire truck to visit ANS and put on a demonstration for the lower elementary students. This show also helped students see how community helpers perform their jobs.

K5           The kindergarten classes are wrapping up the end of the year in many ways. They are planning their promotion and the upcoming Mother’s Days events as well. Currently the children are practicing a dance for their moms, whom will be invited to school on May 26th to a dance performance which will be held in their child’s classrooms. Invitations with the exact time will be sent home to the mothers in the coming days with additional details.

1st           First graders are working on Shape Poems in class. A shape poem is a poem written around a certain shape. For example, in Mr. Spicer’s class the students drew a circle representing the world. Next the class wrote a poem around the edge of the circle that had to do with the Earth. The children also wrote acrostic poems, in addition to learning different fairy tales. In Science, the different first grade classes have also been exploring space and the solar system.

2nd          The second grade classes are getting ready for a Science Fair that they will hold for the first graders next week. This week the classes are fine tuning their projects which they will demonstrate to their classmates in the coming days.  Some of the themes for the upcoming fair are: volcanoes, electricity, tornadoes, mold growth and sugar content in different fruits.

3rd           Ms. Sevilla’s class is excited about carrying out the scientific method in their science class as well. Currently her students are choosing topics which they can learn about at home. Once they perform the experiment at home, the students will then bring in their discovery and share it with the class after performing it in front of their classmates. Some topics include: bending water, dying rocks and making hair stand.

4th           In 4C the students are learning about body systems in science class, while they are studying the U.S. Western States in Social Studies. Aside from class work, the fourth grade students are practicing skits in preparation for a Mother’s Day performance which will prove to be very special for both the students and their mothers.

5th           In Math, fifth graders are integrating writing and math skills. Students are explaining in writing how to graph linear equations. The first step the students tackle is to plan and organize what they will be writing. Next the learners create a rough draft and edit their work. After their math explanation is clear, they write an example. Finally, they move on to the final draft. The goal is to use these explanations as tutorials for future fifth graders, which will make learning these math problems easier for future fifth graders.